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NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is for general educational purposes only and do NOT replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult a suitably certified aromatherapist.
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100% of the price goes to the Animal Friends Foundation – Bourgas. So far you can choose between aromatic hearts, hearts on stick, hand made jewelry, aromatherapy bags, bath salts, season’s presents and decorations. More to come! Buy and save a life!
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C E R T I F I E D   O R G A N I C   S K I N   C A R E
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Still wondering what kind of skin care to buy from the thousands offers on the market? Choice has never been easier. Look for the organic certificate which means that the products do not contain mineral oils, preservatives, colouring, synthetic fragrances and so on. Your body does not need them. It needs only the best nature can offer you – vegetable oils full of vitamins and the magic essential oils. Certified organic skin care can be expensive but not always. A very good choice is the Bulgarian brand Alteya Organics (USDA organic) which sells mainly in the USA. It offers the very best oil in the world for skin care – the Bulgarian rose oil ad the prices are excellent. You can choose between:
  • The magic face and eye serum suitable for sensitive and allergic skin, wrinkles and lines.
  • Day, night, anti-age and eye creams, cleansing milk and toner, lip balms.
  • Organic rose and lavender hydrosols.
  • Body butters and lotions, hand and feet creams, hairs masks.
  • Liquid wash for face and body.
  • Baby bottom cream and massage oil, liquid wash and stretch mark oil.
  • The facial pack – coming soon!

Care for your beauty and health!!! 
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Oil burners. One of the easiest ways to use essential oils is in an oil burner. Only white unscented candles should be used. Synthetic aromas can block the action of the oils. Pour water in the oil burner and drop 5-10 drops. Leave the candle burning for about 30-60 minutes. The burner will continue to radiate the aroma long after you have put out the candle.
Aromatherapy jewelry. When it is not suitable to use oil burners you may use aromatherapy pendants. Two or three drops of the chosen essential oils in the pendant will fight microbes and bacteria and also keep you in a good mood. Pendants can be worn under clothes, but ours are a work of art, so you will definitely want to show them to everyone. After spending a few months in the world of aromatherapy you will no longer crave for perfumes. About 90% of today's perfumes are made of synthetic aromas. Who needs aromas, created in laboratories and never caressed by the sunrays?
Essential oils. In Bulgaria you can choose between 60 different essential oils. Always look for the stamp "100% natural essential oil". The oils of "Nadena " Plovdiv and "Bulgarian rose" Karlovo are inexpensive and of good quality.
Base/carrier oils. Essential oils should only be diluted in pure vegetable, nut or seed oils and not mineral oils. Mineral oils act as a barrier to the skin and essential oils cannot penetrate. Being rich in vitamins the natural oils also nourish the skin. I recommend the oils of "Ikarov" Plovdiv. You can find oils from almond, cocoa, sesame, grape seed, jojoba, safflower, olive, avocado, wheatgerm, peach and apricot kernel, etc.
Hydrosols. The water used for the distillation of essential oils is excellent for skincare. 100% pure - no additives, preservatives, colours or flavours. Where to look for? "Bulgarian Rose" Karlovo and "Nadena" Plovdiv.
Other. After a consultation with the client, the aromatherapist prepares the needed aromatherapy products. They might be:
· Synergies (a combination of up to 5 essential oils) - for inhalation, baths
· Blends (a combination of up to 5 essential oils, diluted in base oils) - for skin application in massages, body lotions, etc.
· Salves - for wounds
· Creams - for body and face
· Bath salts, etc. 
If aromatherapy is somewhat new to you, please leave that to the professionals. If you insist on trying, start with very low concentration, study the oils carefully beforehand, do not use oils for which you have no information and first apply to yourselves.